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Fresh berry packing

Fresh berry packing

Blueridge Produce offers a centrally located, large capacity, state-of-the-art fresh packaging facility in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Our fresh facility has been fully operational since 2011 and packages millions of pounds of fresh fruit through the fresh season.

Blueridge Produce ensures that program commitments are met by purchasing fresh fruit from 40+ contracted growers located throughout the Fraser Valley for packaging under the Driediger Farms label.

Our fresh production facility is GFSI, CFIA and Kosher Certified.

Custom packaging sizes, fresh berry packaging and specialty program packaging is available upon request, contact us directly for information.


Blueberry pack sizes available under the Driediger Farms label;

12 x 4.4 oz (125 gram)

12 x 6 oz (170 gram)

12 x 1 pint

8 x 1 lb

8 x 18 oz

4 x 2 lb (clamshell and Top Seal)

12 x 2 lb (clamshell and Top Seal)

18 x 18 oz (clamshell and Top Seal)